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  • Fully Automated Trading on Cloud 24 / 7
  • One-Click to run it all.
  • Runs in 30 Minutes.
  • Trade with as low as 50 USD starting capital.
  • In partnership with Binance
    Codina has officially become Authorized Binance Broker, to deliver a faster and better trading services to our users.
    FREE? What's the catch?
    Partnering with Binance allows us to gain a fraction amount of commission on each trades.
    Which allows us to provide our users with FREE service.

    That's why we are very committed to continuously make our clients profitable, the longer you stay with us, the better for us.
    Fair enough?
    + One Click Service
    30 Minutes, that's all we are asking you. To do 3 simple steps. What we offer here is a turn key service (one click service). That means you can start trying our bot without mastering the whole trading and crypto universe. Run 24/7 in the cloud.
    + Low Starting Capital
    Try us with only as low as 50 USD starting capital, and prove it by yourself, if it is not profitable you can quit anytime. No payment details are required. You can even bailed on us after you are profitable.
    + Accountabillity
    Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and we are excited to become one of Binance's Authorized Brokers.
    + Full Control
    Codina only trades via API Key. You will have full control of your own account and assets at all times. You will NOT be depositing any assets to us. We do not hold any crypto assets. Your assets will be safely stored in your Binance account.
    + Premium Strategies
    From trend followings, mean reversions, breakouts, reversals. You named it. We got it. Codina provides you with tons of profitable strategies, with different timeframes, and different pairs to tackle all market conditions.
    + Noobs Friendly
    You know nothing about crypto trading? So did most of our clients. Therefore we will provide you with professionally curated starting strategy to trade with, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
    + Suitable For All Risk Profiles
    From scalping, day trading and swing trading, we have it all. Mix and match multiple strategies to suit your risk profile better. You can trade with even more strategies to maximize your profits!
    + Passive Income
    Earn extra dollars for your family. We are not promising a get rich quick scheme, instead we are asking you to be our investment partner. Try us for 3-6 months to get the best results. Let's start our journey together.


    Fully Free. 100%. No payments details required. Cancel anytime. No commitment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes it will be. We will not be holding your assets, only you who can control your assets, we're here just to help you on the trading part. We will not be able, nor we would suggest our members to allow withdrawal via API.

    • As for now we only support Binance Futures Trading. We will be developing for others exchanges soon.

    • Because Binance is no. 1 crypto exchange in the world, and we would want nothing less but the best for our members. This also to ensure your own security. Imagine if we use some random-unkown exchange, would you trust us this much? :)

    • The amount of profit is very dependent on market condition and the volume of trade that occurs throughout the world so it cannot provide fixed profits. However, based on the results of our 3 years of back-testing, our strategy is able to generate profits up to 40% - 80% per year.

    • No we are 100% FREE. Partnering with Binance allows us to gain a fraction amount of commission on each trades. Which allows us to provide our users with FREE service.

    • We expect our clients or software users to fully understand that the users are 100% responsible for the risk. Therefore we emphasize on financial management and risk management.

    • We are not an MLM. We also don't manage public funds. We provide a system to allow users to trade on autopilot and automatically. All transactions for depositing trading funds are made to the broker's account.

    • It's very unlikely to happen, but even if it happens, you will be a millionaire! Why you asked? Because we're different from your conventional stock trading. We can also make profits on down trend market, and even market crash. When BTC fell from $8,000 to $3,000 on 12 Mar 2020, we DOUBLED our portfolio on that day alone ;)

    • Anytime you like! You can withdraw anytime you like. It's your assets, you have full control of it! And always keep it that way!

    • Because we're proven to be working well. We use this bot on our own money as well, so we will always try our best to protect our money, let alone your money. Well, you can always try to compare us based on live trading performance with other bots as well. And when you do, let us know the difference ;)

    • Yes it will. Pandemic / recession is actually the toughest time for traders, and if any traders could get through these events and come out victorious, they can conquer most markets!

    • No! It's actually best if you start now! During these crisis, every other financial assets are plummetting down in value. If you managed to make some profits during these crisis, and make early investments on the discounted financial assets, you will start to see a significant growth in your portfolio return.

    • Yes it will, there will be some slight changes to the market for sure, but we will keep on updating our system to fit the current market.

    • We're not the one to say that. It's for you to judge. What we know is that the world's changing due to this pandemic, online presence is improving significantly, we believe that even post-pandemic, these behavior will be a new accepted habit. Everything online will be "thing", as well as trading. Google search for trading is also increasing significantly during this pandemic ;)


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    Fully Free. 100%. No payments details required. Cancel anytime. No commitment.

    Disclaimer : Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.