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Binance SEA Trading Competition
Codina competed in Binance SEA Trading Competition, and earned 1st place in Local Indonesia Region.

We competed in this competition as a way to test our trading performance.
And now, you can have a taste at it for FREE

Competition details

Copy Trading

Follow every moves made by our Automated Quantitative Trading System. Copy every moves, precisely, 24/7.
Trade like a quant trader, without becoming one.


Imagine if you have to stay alert 24/7 to copy every trades?
Don't worry, we'll do it for you.


Codina system will be making every trades on Zignaly platform. So you can see our full statistics on Zignaly.


Codina strategies are backtested on historical trading data.

Foward Testing

We analyze every trades made, and to ensure our Automated Trading System performs the way we want.

Why Copy Trading?

Copy Trading allows you to automatically copy trades, TP, SL, and trailing of our Quantitative Trading System.

  • 01 For Complete Newbie

    Don't have time to research on profitable strategies? Or even on how to trade? Copy trading lets you to trade what the experienced traders trade, so you can just follow their footsteps.

  • You don't have to be a professional traders to make profits. Just copy someone else, with more trading experience.

  • If you're experienced traders, you can even participate in the 24/7 cryptocurrency market without investing more time to research and preparation to trade.

  • Cryptocurrency market operates 24/7. To be able to cope up with that, automated trading is necessary.



You can use our service on Zignaly, with profit sharing service, which allows you to start with much lower capital.

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