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  • What is Codina?
    + One-Click to Run It All
    You can gain access to years worth of research just in One-Click.
    Trading knowledge, strategy, risk management, 24/7 automated trading, all in One-Click.
    + Runs in 30 Minutes
    Codina simplifies everything for you! With just 30 minutes, you can start your automated trading right away.
    Not sure how to? Don't worry, we'll always be there to guide you :)
    + Full Automated Trading 24/7
    Codina analyze price movement and execute buy / sell automatically for you. Sit back and relax, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you!
    + Trend Following Strategy
    Out of 2000+ strategies we developed, we only give you ONE that performs the BEST. We trades on strong trends, which typically happens once a week.
    + Big Wins, Small Losses
    Follow the trend, and you will win big. On strong trend, it enables us to put tight Stop Loss and big Take Profit points
    + Subscribe with Your Profits
    Codina provides you with FREE trial. You can even pay your premium subscription with profits from your free trial. So why wait?
    + Control Your Own Account
    Codina Trades via API Key. And you will gain FULL CONTROL of your own account at all times. Codina doesn't hold your assets, your assets are safe in your hand.
    + Other Features
    ✓ Automated Leverage Trading ( Long & Short )
    ✓ Running 24/7 on Cloud

    Why Codina is shared for public for FREE?

    Read the full story, on the journey of developing Codina, and why Codina is shared for FREE

    Trend Following

    Codina comes with its pre-defined trend following strategy and is ready to use.

    Throughout 17 years of our trading and programming experience, and with more than 80 different technical indicators, we tested 2000+ combinations on our historical back-test system.

    Trend following strategy works best on Cryptocurrency, especially on ETHEREUM. Its volatility allows us to grab bigger profits. More detailed explanation here

    Past Performance
    35 Months
    Avg. Monthly Trades
    Win/Loss %
    Past Performance
    35 Months
    Avg. Monthly Trades
    Win/Loss %

    Codina trades on strong trend confirmations, which doesn’t happen much, but it gives us a much better Risk-to-Reward ratio. Plus, it allows us to enter on multiple positions

    ✓ To ensure our strategy's performance, we decided to limit the available seats, so grab yours now!

    Trades less means less transaction fees, more efficient, more manageable.

    Do we always win? Of course no. But when we do, we win BIG.

    Wanna know more about Codina's strategy?

    Read the detailed strategy here

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    Calculate how much capital you need to effectively trade with Codina
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    Trade on Your Exchange

    Trade Futures with Codina automatically. Even when you sleep.
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    Your exchange is where your funds are located. Codina manages trading on your exchange account.

    How to Start Using Codina

    3 easy steps to automated trading

    Trading Lot, Pricing & Guarantee

    First 30 days
    Subscription Fee
    Minimum Trading Lot
    $ 15
    Maximum Trading Lot
    $ 500
    After first 30 days
    30 days Subscription Fee
    10% of last month's average trading lot
    ( member pays 30 days subscription Fee only if previous 30 days' profit is at least 20% of 30 days' average trading lot,otherwise it will be free )
    Minimum Trading Lot
    $ 15
    Maximum Trading Lot

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes it will be. We will not be holding your assets, only you who can control your assets, we're here just to help you on the trading part. We will not be able, nor we would suggest our members to allow withdrawal via API.

    • Because Binance is no. 1 crypto exchange in the world, and we would want nothing less but the best for our members. This also to ensure your own security. Imagine if we use some random-unkown exchange, would you trust us this much? :)

    • The amount of profit is very dependent on market condition and the volume of trade that occurs throughout the world so it cannot provide fixed profits. However, based on the results of our 3 years of back-testing, our strategy is able to generate profits up to 40% - 80% per year.

    • We expect our clients or software users to fully understand that the users are 100% responsible for the risk. Therefore we emphasize on financial management and risk management.

    • We are not an MLM. We also don't manage public funds. We provide a system to allow users to trade on autopilot and automatically. All transactions for depositing trading funds are made to the broker's account.

    • It's very unlikely to happen, but even if it happens, you will be a millionaire! Why you asked? Because we're different from your conventional stock trading. We can also make profits on down trend market, and even market crash. When BTC fell from $8,000 to $3,000 on 12 Mar 2020, we DOUBLED our portfolio on that day alone ;)

    • Anytime you like! You can withdraw anytime you like. It's your assets, you have full control of it! And always keep it that way!

    • Because we're proven to be working well. We use this bot on our own money as well, so we will always try our best to protect our money, let alone your money. Well, you can always try to compare us based on live trading performance with other bots as well. And when you do, let us know the difference ;)

    • Yes it will. Pandemic / recession is actually the toughest time for traders, and if any traders could get through these events and come out victorious, they can conquer most markets!

    • No! It's actually best if you start now! During these crisis, every other financial assets are plummetting down in value. If you managed to make some profits during these crisis, and make early investments on the discounted financial assets, you will start to see a significant growth in your portfolio return.

    • You can see direct result on your trading, whether it's making profits or actually losing. Whereas on building eCommerce, it takes time to actually "really sells", because you have to build reputation, ratings, reviews, etc.

    • Being a youtuber is another great "investment". But remember, if you just start doing youtube, you will only be able to monitize it after few months, and that's also if your videos have enough likes. It's not bad, but again it's not that reliable if we're talking short term.

    • Yes it will, there will be some slight changes to the market for sure, but we will keep on updating our system to fit the current market.

    • We're not the one to say that. It's for you to judge. What we know is that the world's changing due to this pandemic, online presence is improving significantly, we believe that even post-pandemic, these behavior will be a new accepted habit. Everything online will be "thing", as well as trading. Google search for trading is also increasing significantly during this pandemic ;)


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    About us

    A little background of Codina

    Codina development journey was started back to 2003, and it all started with Forex Trading with MQL 4 Expert Advisor.
    Throughout the years Codina’s team grew and evolved to now.


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    [email protected]

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