Buy Crypto using Credit Card

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For using Medallion Spartan Bot, you must store USDT crypto in your Futures Account in your Binance account. This article informs you about :
1) buying USDT crypto directly from Binance and you pay with Credit Card.
2) Move your USDT crypto from your SPOT Wallet to your Futures Account.

note : please be aware that the payment using Credit Card depends on your country policy and could result to unable to pay using Credit Card. In case this happens, you should use another way : Buy Crypto using Bank Transfer, or Buy Crypto from Local Exchanger, or Buy Crypto from Medallion using PayPal.

Follow these steps to buy Crypto using Credit Card :
    Log in to your Binance account, head over to the Funds or Buy Crypto section on the Binance toolbar, and choose the Credit/Debit Card option. You will be directed to Buy Cryptocurrency.
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  1. Buy Cryptocurrency
    On the Buy Cryptocurrency page, fill the amount you want to pay and also select your currency ( minimum 20 USD ). Next, select USDT in the coin field, choose your Credit Card, and click the yellow Buy USDT button below. The second bar shows the total amount including fees. This service comes with a fee of 3,5% or $10, whichever is higher.
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  2. Enter your billing information
    Provide the personal details to Binance in order to go through with the purchase.
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  3. Confirm your USDT order
    Now, Binance will ask you to confirm your order. Please read the short disclaimer to understand the purchasing process better. Once you do, click Confirm. After the confirmation, you have already purchased some USDT.
    You can see your deposit and your crypto balance in your Binance account by clicking on Wallet -> Spot Wallet.
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  4. Transfer your USDT to your Futures Account
    Why : Medallion does your automated trading in Futures. That is why you have to fund your Futures Account, not the SPOT wallet.
    1. On Binance, please click on Wallet > Futures Account and then click on Transfer button on the right side
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    2. And then fill the USDT amount you want to transfer to Perpetual Wallet and press Confirm transfer. Responsive image

  5. Congrats! You have finished buying crypto using Credit Card, and store it in your Futures Account in Binance.

What's next?
After you have USDT in your Futures Account, you can Create API Key to Enable Robot Trading
to let your Binance account & Medallion account communicate to each other and performs the trades smoothly.