Buy Crypto using Bank Transfer

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For using Medallion trading bot, you must store USDT crypto in your Futures Wallet in your Binance account. This article informs you about :
1) buying crypto directly from Binance, and pay with a traditional Bank Transfer,
2) converting your crypto to USDT crypto.
3) moving your USDT crypto to your Futures Accounts.

The following guidance is an example if you are in Europe and using EUR currency to buy crypto from Binance.
  1. Select Bank/Card Deposit
    Responsive image

    If you can't find Bank/Card Deposit you could select your currency in the top right side and select EUR Currency.
    Responsive image

  2. Manage your Deposit
    1. You should select currency and payment method
      note : This case will be different for another currency. The image below is the example by choosing EUR Currency.
      Responsive image

    2. Manage your Payment details
      Enter the amount you want to transfer ( starting 20 EUR up to 500 EUR ) and press the Continue button below.
      Responsive image

    3. Transfer via Bank
      Now you get the information of beneficiary Bank details. Finish the transfer from your local Bank and you will get your EUR.
      Responsive image

  3. After you get EUR on your wallet, you have to convert your EUR to USDT.
    1. Open this EUR/USDT page.
    2. Click the red SELL button on the right side under the Place Order.
    3. Under the SELL button, you have to select Market.
    4. Below the Market you should write the Amount and then click the red Sell EUR button.

  4. Transfer your USDT to your Futures Account
    Why : Medallion does your automated trading in Futures. That is why you have to fund your Futures Account, not the SPOT wallet.
    1. On Binance, please click on Wallet > Futures Account and then click on Transfer button on the right side
      Responsive image
      Responsive image

    2. And then fill the USDT amount you want to transfer to Perpetual Wallet and press Confirm transfer. Responsive image

  5. Congrats! You have finished buying crypto using Bank Transfer, and store it in your Futures Account in Binance.

What's next?
After you have USDT in your Futures Account, you can Create API Key to Enable Robot Trading
to let your Binance account & Medallion account communicate to each other and performs the trades smoothly.