Create API Key to Enable Copy Trading

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Don't have Binance account? follow our guide to Register Binance
2 Important things when you create API Key, don't miss it :
  1. You must enable Futures
  2. You should create API Key correctly
To solve this matter, follow these instructions :
  1. To enable Futures
    1. Login to Binance website ( not mobile app ).
    2. Hover your mouse over Wallet on the top and then click Futures Account or Futures Wallet.
    3. Click on the yellow Open now button.
    4. Now, you have enabled Futures. Your account is ready to trade on Futures.

  2. To create API Key
    1. Navigate to your user icon ( see the image below ) and go to API Management, or
      Navigate to your user icon, select Account. It will open the setting page on the left, and choose API Management
    2. Sometimes you would be asked to enable the 2FA ( two factors authentication ) several times. By this 2FA, you will be asked to verify your account through codes sent to your mobile phone and email ( you have to fill both, or you have to fill your Google Authentication ).
    3. After choose API Management, a window appears. Give the key a label ( name ). Just fill it with “Medallion Spartan” and click the yellow Create New Key button. Probably you will be asked to enable 2FA once more time. Do it.
    4. After giving a label, you will see a page with a QR code on the left.
      The API Key and Secret Key are on the right side. Copy both of them now and paste them to your Zignaly profile. If you have pasted correctly on your Zignaly profile, an ”API Updated and Validated” message will appear.
      On your API Key and Secret Key page, you have to check the Enable Trading and Enable Future on API Restrictions.
      Check also the Unrestricted (Less Secure).
      note : if you can not check the Enable Trading etc., please find an Edit button on the top right and click it, and then you can check the Enable Trading, Enable Future and Unrestricted (Less Secure).

      Click the Save button on the top right. Now you have finished managing your API Key and Secret Key.
      note : if you fail, try to make another new API Key again.

Next Step : Now you can Turn On your Bot. How?
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If you have not funded your Binance account, please do it before turn on Medallion Spartan. There are several ways to fund your Binance account :
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