Setup Binance Account

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How to register a new binance account?
  1. First, visit Binance through
  2. You have to write your Email and Password. note : we suggest to use Gmail
  3. After you check the Terms of Service Agreement, click the yellow Create account button.
  4. Finish the account verifications.
  5. Next, you have to choose the Security verification. You can choose Phone verification with SMS verification or Google verification through mobile application. Choose whichever most appropriate for you. If you are not familiar with Google verification, you should use Phone verification with traditional SMS.
  6. After you finish all the steps above, your Binance account is successfully created.

    next move : After you have your Binance account, it's time to fund your Binance wallet with crypto. There are 4 ways to fund your Binance wallet. Choose the one you prefers :
    Buy Crypto using Bank Transfer
    Buy Crypto from Local Exchanger
    Buy Crypto using Credit Card
    Buy Crypto from Us using PayPal