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Most of the trading bots out there cannot be customize according to one's trading strategy.

Many of us have read and learned a lot about trading strategies, but to really trade these trading strategies is a very tedious task. To properly trade our trading strategies a highly customizable trading bot is needed.

For example:
This moving average trend following strategy uses MA 20, MA 50 and MA 200 to select the best time for entering an already-happening Trend. One of the trade condition example is "when the price is bigger than MA 20 but smaller than MA 50 enter a short trade". See picture below.

Example Trading using Moving Average

With codina now you can easily automate your own trading setups and strategy. The previous trade entry statement is easily being automate using codina.

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Example Canvas

3 Simple Steps

Use only 3 simple steps to create amazing trading strategies.

Using our light-weight strategy editor in your mobile apps you can start creating your most powerful trading strategy.

Price Selection

We can design our trading strategy using the values of prices at most ten previous candles (Open, High, Low and Close Prices).

Operator Selection

We support every possible operators (Aritmetic and Logic Operators).

Indicator Selection

We support 9 most used Indicators, each can be customize with your own parameters (EMA, MA , Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, ADX, ATR, Linear Regression) and timeframes (H1, H4, D1).

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