The cryptocurrencies are digital assets and able to be traded. Digital asset trading is a high-risk activity since digital asset prices are volatile where prices can change significantly and immediately over time. Please use extra consideration in making the decision to use the crypto algo trading bot. does not force its users to use the system and also does not guarantee for a profit. By registering on, the user aggrees the terms and conditions stated on and every trading decision made is at the user's own risk.



  1. is a system that enables its users to run one or several crypto trading bots.
  2. Each trading bot is able to be set & monitored by the user through mobile app.
  3. does not store any of your crypto asset.
  4. You store your crypto asset in your personal Wallet on OKEX.
  5. OKEX is a Digital Exchanger (Our Brokerage).
  6. is designed to perform with OKEX.
  7. You have to register on OKEX & set the wallet ( please read the chapter below to register for free)
  8. Every trading bot trades your crypto asset on OKEX-Futures.
  9. To understand more about OKEX-Futures, you can visit
  10. Every trade is executed on OKEX. only manages the command for each trade.
  11. has prepared several free trading strategies that are backtracked to the real market on certain past timeframe. The backtrack contains data that helps you determine to use the trading strategy.
  12. prepared the strategies that works on Floating Open & Floating Close for every trade. This means the trigger for opening or closing every trade is based on the strategy's algorithm ( not by a Stop Loss ).
  13. Make sure you understand that the trade performed through contains several WINS and LOSSES. Each strategy is tested to reach a potential profit in about 1 YEAR trading through the backtrack history.


In you can run several trading bots ( limited to 1 crypto pair & 1 Future Contractfor each bot ). To run each trading bot, you have to select : CRYPTOCURRENCY PAIR, TRADING STRATEGY, TIMELINE, and FUTURE CONTRACT.


  1. Each trading bot must connect to 1 Cryptocurrency Pair.
  2. provides 9 pairs ( BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, XRP, BCH, BSV, ETC, TRX ).
  3. Each pair can have two settlement currency : USDT or the token itself e.g BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.


  1. Each trading bot must connect to 1 Trading Strategy.
  2. provides 30+ free trading strategies ( added more regularly).
  3. Each trading strategy is using algorithms based on multiple trading indicators and real market data.
  4. Each trading strategy has been simulated through a certain past timeline.
  5. The simulation is backtracked from ~1 year timeframe, from October 2018 to October 2019 that contains several movements ( trending, sideways, and reversal market condition).
  6. The timeline is static because of the fairness between each strategy ( it will be updated regularly ).
  7. Each trading bot automatically opens and closes each trade based on chosen trading strategy.
  8. Each trading strategy recommends its crypto pair, although it can also be used for other ones.


  1. Each trading bot connects to 1 Timeline and 1 Future Contract.
  2. You have the freedom to select the timeline ( 1D, H4, H1, etc. ).
  3. The Future Contract is scheduled by OKEX and has a time limit ( you can see the time limit when you set your bot later ).
  4. When the time limit expired, the existing open trade you had is closed automatically by OKEX system.
  5. There are 3 Future Contracts ( Future Contracts ) for each pair on OKEX Futures : Quarterly, Bi-weekly, and Weekly.
  6. Weekly contracts will be settled on the imminent Friday.
  7. Bi-weekly contracts will be settled on the next Friday.
  8. Quarterly contracts will be settled on last Friday of March, June, September and December.
  9. The delivery date of each contract shall not be identical with each other, and it is based on UTC +8.
  10. recommends the Quarterly because you can have open trade(s) for the longest period.
  11. Please visit the link below to understand more about it :


To start using the Crypto Algo Trading Bot, you need to have : Codina Account, OKEx Account, Crypto Asset.


  1. Download codina mobile app from Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Install and open the app. Follow the registration process ( starting by clicking sign up ).
  3. As a new user, you can use the free trial by activate your account through a code / link sent to your registered email.
  4. After your account is active, you have to connect your OKEX account to your account. Follow the point 2 below to register to OKEX and connect your OKEX account your codina one.
  5. CASE OF ACCOUNT EXPIRATION : Before the free trial ends, you have to extend the subscription if you want to continue the usage. Please extend the subscription 7 days before the expiration am the latest.
  6. To extend the subscription, you can select the EXTEND button on [DASHBOARD > My Profile] button on please contact the admin by whatsapp to +62 89 688 489 119 or email to [email protected]
  7. If the subscription ends, the remain trade(s) will not be managed by the bot(s) anymore and the registered email address can not be used again for registration. Be concerned that by this case you must close the trade(s) manually on your OKEX account.



  • If you already have an OKEX account, you can use it as long as there is no other trade ( manual trade or using another bot ) because the trading bot could execute any other open trade(s) in the same OKEX account. If you have other trade(s) in your OKEX account, we suggest you to create a Sub Account under Master Account to avoid a conflict.
  • To create a Sub Account, please login to OKEX and go to your profile on OKEX header ( top right ) and choose the Profile Setting on its menu, click the Sub Account on the left menu and choose [+ Add Sub Account]. Follow the instruction until verified.
  • NOTE : By using Sub Account, the crypto asset can be transferred only from / to the Master Account's wallet.


To create an OKEx account, you can follow these options :
  • Login to your app and select [Setup your OKEx account] on DASHBOARD page. You will be brought to OKEx SETUP page, then click the [API Key] and select [GET API KEY].
  • Visit this link
  • You will be brought to OKEX web page. Follow the registration instruction. Your OKEx account is protected by personal username [ or email or mobile phone number ], password, and mobile phone verification / Google Authenticator.
  • After you have your personal OKEX account ( Master Account or Sub Account ), you need to connect it to mobile app by inserting the API Key and Secret Key from your OKEX account. These keys allow to communicate with OKEX in order to perform trades.
  • To get those keys and connect them to your account, please follow these steps on web browser :


    1. Log into OKEX ( as Master Account or Sub Account )
    2. Navigate to your account name ( top right side ) and click on API ( see the image below ).

    3. After clicking the API menu, you have to link your account to mobile number or Google Authenticator. This is for security issue so that no one except you can change the data.
    4. To get the Google Authenticator, please follow the instruction ( download & install the app ).
    5. After you link your account, you will be brought to My API page.
    6. Apply for V3 API on the top right and a window will appear ( see the image below ).

    7. Please input to that window :
      Display Name = codinabot
      Passphrase = 'write your password to access this API' ( remember this )
      Let the [Link IP]
      remain blank
      Permissions : activate [Enquiry] and [Trade] and deactivate [Withdraw]
      After all the data written, click Confirm.
    8. Note: Codina DOES NOT require [Withdraw] access and NEVER ASKS to ENABLE this Withdraw option. Please be careful that this Withdraw permission MUST BE DISABLED.
    9. After the Confirm button selected, you will be brought back to My API page.
    10. Now click the View button inside the table ( on the middle right side ), then a window appears to confirm the passphrase & Google Authenticator / SMS code.
    11. Select [Confirm].

    12. Now a page appears and shows API Key and Secret Key ( see the image below ). Please click the Copy API Info button.


    1. Login to app and visit : [DASHBOARD > Setup your OKEx account] or [DASHBOARD > My Wallet > OKEx SETUP
    2. Open API Key menu and click the [CLICK TO FILL FIELDS] button. ( You can also use the QR scanner beside  GET API KEY button )
    3. Click the SAVE button.
    4. By this moment, your OKEX account is connected to your app.


    1. After you connect your OKEx account to one, you have to ENABLE FUTURES. You can not start your trading when you have not finished this step.
    2. Go to app on the [Setup your OKEx account] page where you inserted the API & Secret Key. Now open Enable Futures menu and click the ENABLE FUTURES button.
    3. You will be directed to OKEx web page : [Activate Futures Trading].
    4. A futures trading rules are written here and you have to click the Start Quiz button on the deepest part of this page. The Quiz is EASY, since every wrong answers will be instructed to recorrect, and follow the instruction until you finish the Quiz.
    5. After completing the Quiz, go to app to [Setup your OKEx account] again, open the Enable Futures, and click the SAVE button.


  1. After you follow all the instructions before, the last thing you need is buy crypto asset or transfer your crypto asset ( if you have crypto asset on another wallet ) to your OKEX wallet.
  2. We will be using two OKEx Wallets
    • Funding Wallet( or Funding Account ) is your main wallet on OKEX. You can transfer your crypto asset from external wallet or to your Future Wallet in OKEX.
    • Future Wallet ( or Future Account ) is your wallet to trade on OKEX-Futures. To run the trading bot, you have to transfer your crypto to this wallet.
  3. NOTE : If you are using Sub Account, you can transfer to your Future Wallet only from / to your Funding Wallet of your Master Account.
    • To know your OKEX Future Wallet, please login to your OKEX account.
    • Go to Assets menu ( on OKEX header ) and choose My Assets.
    • Select the Futures under the section Trading Accounts and follow the instruction.
  5. BUY CRYPTO ASSET. You can contact to buy crypto. Please contact admin ( whatsapp to +62 89 688 489 119 ).
  6. TRANSFER YOUR CRYPTO ASSET (from other Digital Exchanger). Please follow the instruction of your Digital Exchanger where you have your crypto asset or you can contact admin ( [email protected] or whatsapp to +62 89 688 489 119 ) for an instruction to transfer crypto from certain Digital Exchanger.



  1. Make sure you fill the correct API Key, Secret Key and the Passphrase on app. Results : You can not start your trading / the system is error
  2. Make sure you don't have any other open trade in your OKEX account.
    Consequences :
    • The other trade(s) may be closed automatically by the bot.
    • You may not start your trading ( error on setting leverage ).
    • A margin call may be triggered. ( for more info about margin call )
    • Make sure you have your crypto in your Future Wallet on OKEX.
      Check it on DASHBOARD > My Wallet
    • Make sure you have completely finish the ENABLE FUTURES
      Check it on DASHBOARD > Setup your OKEx account or Check it on DASHBOARD > My  Wallet > OKEx SETUP
    • After you complete all the preparations above, now the state is you already have : CODINA.IO ACCOUNT, OKEX ACCOUNT, CRYPTO ASSET (stored in your future wallet)


  • Login to your app. On the DASHBOARD page, select the blue [START HIRING BOT] button or [START BOT], and you will be brought to the LIVE TRADING page. Here, you can see the bot that looks like the image below.

  • The image above shows you an Inactive bot that already finished the setup.
  • The example above shows that the bot is set to :
    • trade on BTC crypto pair.
    • trade on H1 timeline.
    • Q means the trading is executed on the Quarterly Futures Market ( recommended ).
    • using 1% risk of your asset ( NOTE : read the RISK section below to understand more )
    • The bot is using the [Stairway to Heaven] trading strategy.
  • Click the blue PLAY button to run the bot ( the bot will shine a dark blue color instead of gray ) and please have patience since the bot is waiting to find the appropriate chance to open a position based on the trading strategy. If the bot has opened a position, the bot color turns to shining blue.


  • Go to your app and login, then visit the DASHBOARD and select My Trading button ( you will be brought to the LIVE TRADING page ).
  • On LIVE TRADING page, you can see the 3 status bots on the top :

    Inactive : The bot is inactive.

    Running : The bot is active and waiting to open a position on the market.

    Inactive : The bot is active and already has a position on the market.


  • Select the [HIRE MORE BOTS] on the bottom area of the LIVE TRADING page and a bot will appear that looks like the image below ( a gray sleeping bot with [Setup bot to start] ). You can click the bot to setup it, and you will be brought automatically to the SETUP BOT page.


  1. Select Trading Strategy

    • You have to select the trading strategy. Just click and choose the provided trading strategy. NOTE : every trading strategy has a backtrack history data from certain timeframe and the shown data is a simulation data from real market.
    • Click the USE STRATEGY button on the lowest part of a strategy to use it on your bot.
  2. Select Trading Pair

    • After you choose a trading strategy, you will be brought back to the SETUP BOT page. The crypto pair shown below the strategy is a recommended one although you can change it to any other pair.
    • If you select [change the pair] or [Click to select pair], you will be brought to TRADING PAIR page. Here you can choose a pair you want. Since this is a Future Contract, there is also a [date] on each trading pair that means every open position will be closed automatically on that date. It is recommended to select [Quarterly] one with the longest trading possibility ( max. 3 months ).
    • Please be concerned that there are 2 kinds of TRADING PAIR with the same currency and the same Future Contact ( see image below ).

    • As the image above, the difference between both pair ( see the logo ) is :
      1. The trading pair with [T] on its logo : The trading is paired to USDT ( your asset or portfolio is not volatile ).
      2. The trading pair without [T] on its logo : The trading is paired to cryptocurrency itself ( your asset or portfolio is volatile because of the value of cryptocurrency ).
      ATTENTION : if you want your portfolio value stabile or if the crypto market goes short, please choose the pair with [T] on its logo. But if you believe that the crypto value will go up, you can use the 2nd one { without [T] on its logo ).
  3. Select Risk & Other Parameters

    • This section consists of trading detail. Set your Risk (read the UNDESTANDING RISK & LEVERAGE below). Ignore the other parameters if you are not a professional trade, and just click the SAVE BOT SETTINGS button to use the default parameter.
    • After you click the button, a small window appear and select [Yes] to restart the Bot.
    • Make sure you open your app and check it regularly when the bot is not running since there are other connections to the 3rd parties that can stop the bot.


  1. To start each bot, you have to finish the SETUP BOT and there is Risk that you have to fill. The standard risk to be filled is maximum 1% for BTC pair, and maximum 5% for other pairs, although you can set it to the maximum 2% for BTC pair and 10% for other pairs. Please be concerned that every trading has a risk of loss. Please be concerned that more risk means you could possibly win a big number but also lose a big number of your crypto asset.
  2. The risk on every bot connects to the LEVERAGE of certain crypto pair.
  3. Leverage results from using borrowed capital as a funding source when investing to expand the asset base and generate returns on risk capital. Leverage is one of investment strategy of using money to increase the potential return of an investment.
  4. On this trading system, the leverage of each crypto pair is :
    • BTCUSD 100x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 1%
    • LTCUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%
    • ETHUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%
    • ETCUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%
    • XRPUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%
    • EOSUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%
    • BCHUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%
    • BSVUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%
    • TRXUSD 20x Your default Risk to trade with full asset capacity is 5%


  1. By registering to you are already registered as an affiliate of and you will gain a benefit ( up to 20% ) by each registration and each annual subscription made by your friends through your invitation link or code.
  2. To gain your invitation link, go to your DASHBOARD and select the SHARE button.
  3. You can also show your trading history to your friend by taking a selfie that provided on the History menu under the DASHBOARD. Just select one trading result and click the SHARE button and you will be brought to the selfie feature that can be shared through your smartphone and don't forget to add the invitation link.

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