Finally we found every investors dream :

Trading Bot That Actually Works!

Better yet, we decided to share it with YOU !
It’s our way to help fight this pandemic :)

Don’t trust us? You don’t have to!
See it for yourself.

We’ve seen too many businesses closed down due to this pandemic

So we said to ourselves, how can we help them? People are still need to pay their mortgages and eletricity bills.
Heck, some might have no money to buy groceries!

“is this some kind of scam?”
You decide.
We’re giving out FREE trial for you.
If this works out well for you, you even can pay our sevice with your profits, so what’s the doubt?

“What if they took my money and run away?”

That’s obviously what scammers would do. But we’re different.


You will be holding your own money, your own assets, on World’s no. 1 crypto exchange, BINANCE

You only will give us permission to trade your assets

So there’s no way we can take your hard-earned money :)

World’s most leading Crypto Platform Exchange for both Spot Market and Derivatives.

Binance is also leading on Crypto Futures volume globally, and supports up to 25 different pairs.

“Is this THING really works?”

We aren’t trying to sell you, our system. We’re only asking you to give it a TRY


and it will not hurt you if it fails! But what if it WORKS?

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Have any questions? Talk to us!

“How are they doing it?”

For those who are curious how we do it :

We’ve developed over thousands strategies, which we already use for ourselves.

However, since this pandemic is getting worse, we decided to let YOU make use of it as well.

So, out of thousands futures strategies that we have, we’re giving out only the best for you.

Weekly Trades
Win/Loss %
Weekly Trades
8 Pairs
Win/Loss %
  • Never trade against the trend, this is the key principal in any tradings. Trend will help you to minimize risk, and maximize your profits.

  • We trade on higher timeframe to reduce volatility. Higher timeframe also provides more subtle trends, and minimize bad trades.

  • Don’t pull all your eggs in one basket. Different pair provides different volatility, trend, and diversity to your portfolio.

  • Beginner traders tend to over-leverage their positions, which cause them to lose their portfolio even faster than their expectations. Codina only use manageable leverage on our positions to avoid unnecessary liquidations.

  • We’re making use of Binance’s Futures, which makes us able to make profits, even if the asset’s price is going lower. In short, we’re able to make profits on both market going up, and going down!

  • We have our trial program for you to test on. You can try our bot for FREE for 30 days. If you don’t like our strategy, u don’t have to pay for it. Try it and see the results for yourself! :)

“Who are you guys?”

Right, we haven’t even introduce ourselves.

We’re a bunch of traders and software engineers who have been very active on crypto trading for the past 2 years.
We noticed that the movement of these assets are repeating, so we decided to collect historical data, and crunch them in our system.
Hence, giving birth of our Backtrack System.

We developed our Futures trading bot since mid 2018, and it’s been making profit since.

Right now we have about 200+ members in our platform, making profits together :)

“How much do I have to pay?”

For starters, we are giving you a deal that you can’t deny


30 days
Max 15 USDT / trade

After your 30 days period are over, you can continue using Codina by subscribing to our plan with your PROFIT

But if you don’t make any profits, you can just ditch us, and we’ll still cool :)

PREMIUM version will cost $89 / 30 days, and will be billed monthly. And you can cancel anytime you like. Upon unlocking the PREMIUM version, the limit on per trade will be increased to 450 USDT / trade! :D

Have any questions? Talk to us!

“But, wait.. I still have more questions..”

Hey, you’ve come this far !
Might as well ask anything that doubts you right?

Right! We’ll try our best to answer your questions :)

  • Yes it will be. We will be holding your assets, only you who can control your assets, we're here just to help you on the trading part. We will not be able, nor we would suggest our members to allow withdrawal via API.

  • Because Binance is no. 1 crypto exchange in the world, and we would want nothing less but the best for our members. This also to ensure your own security. Imagine if we use some random-unkown exchange, would you trust us this much? :)

  • It's very unlikely to happen, but even if it happens, you will be a millionaire! Why you asked? Because we're different from your conventional stock trading. We can also make profits on down trend market, and even market crash. When BTC fell from $8,000 to $3,000 on 12 Mar 2020, we DOUBLED our portfolio on that day alone ;)

  • Anytime you like! You can withdraw anytime you like. It's your assets, you have full control of it! And always keep it that way!

  • Because we're proven to be working well. We use this bot on our own money as well, so we will always try our best to protect our money, let alone your money. Well, you can always try to compare us based on live trading performance with other bots as well. And when you do, let us know the difference ;)

  • Yes it will. Pandemic / recession is actually the toughest time for traders, and if any traders could get through these events and come out victorious, they can conquer most markets!

  • No! It's actually best if you start now! During these crisis, every other financial assets are plummetting down in value. If you managed to make some profits during these crisis, and make early investments on the discounted financial assets, you will start to see a significant growth in your portfolio return.

  • You can see direct result on your trading, whether it's making profits or actually losing. Whereas on building eCommerce, it takes time to actually "really sells", because you have to build reputation, ratings, reviews, etc.

  • Being a youtuber is another great "investment". But remember, if you just start doing youtube, you will only be able to monitize it after few months, and that's also if your videos have enough likes. It's not bad, but again it's not that reliable if we're talking short term.

  • Yes it will, there will be some slight changes to the market for sure, but we will keep on updating our system to fit the current market.

  • We're not the one to say that. It's for you to judge. What we know is that the world's changing due to this pandemic, online presence is improving significantly, we believe that even post-pandemic, these behavior will be a new accepted habit. Everything online will be "thing", as well as trading. Google search for trading is also increasing significantly during this pandemic ;)

“Show me some proof!”

Sure, challenge accepted! :)

Have any questions? Talk to us!


See our Futures Trading Bot performance yourself! You like, pay later.

Disclaimer : Trading digital assets involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested capital. You should ensure that you fully understand the risk involved and take into consideration your level of experience, investment objectives and seek independent financial advice if necessary.