The 4 Naive Boys Billion Dollar Dream


We're just regular boys that you can find in your neighborhood. Are we geniuses? Tech wizard? Stock market prodigy? Good financial background family? Nope. Far for that. None of us raised in financial-instrument-trading family, so we carved our own path in trading, and we learn things the rough way; just like most of you readers out there.


We were introduced to trading world wayyyyy back to 2003. Yes, we were trading on Forex. We split 24 hours into shifts, so we can maximize our profits within short period of time. Did it work? Umm… For the first 3 days, yes. Until we got tired, sleepy and depressed. To make things worse, for you guys out there who were as naive as us, trading with ULTRA-HIGH-LEVERAGE ( say 1:500? 1:1000? ); 1 wrong move and BOOM there goes your all your money ! Oh yeah we’ve been through that. You're not alone! Haha.

So what we got from our painful 24-hours-shift-based Forex trading? It’s tiring, physically and emotionally. We can’t even count how many times we missed on big breakouts while we were sleeping……. It’s just impossible for a normal human being to capture all movements in the market. We have life too, you know….. :’(


Let me do a wild guess here.. Do you happen to buy your very first Bitcoin in Dec. 2017? On US$20,000? HAHAHA! That's us. Yes, us, the 4 naive boys. We bought our first BTC on $20,000.

So what we did then? After buying at $20,000, then later on we did our research. We tried to trade on other cryptocurrencies as well. Our favourite coin was TRX ! It's volatility is just...... appetizing..... Haha!

Coming off from Forex background, cryptocurrency world is soooo much different! The volatility, the 24/7 markets, we couldn't cope with all that. Back then we only do breakout trades, so we spent countless nights waiting for a breakout to happen. What happen if we fall asleep? Or when we're out of town with our families? You guess that right. No trades for us.


Then we asked ourselves. Can we automate this process? We felt that crypto is one interesting asset to trade on, but it's 24/7 ! And most of the trades happened on 11PM ( Indonesian, GMT+7 ).

If it's possible, why aren't people doing it? Why not create a robot trading who will trade automatically for us???

Apparently, someone's been doing it since 1988!
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